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Torching my $100 million company:

“I’m just like you. As much as I would like to say that I’m a sophisticated MBA graduate with a detailed and perfectly executive business plan, I’m not. I’m a street smart guy who graduated from cooking school. When I started my company 22 years ago, I knew nothing about business. I just knew who to survive. And survive I did. After 2 decades of killing myself, I built a $100 million per year business and it was a train wreck. business had absolutely no “sellability” So what did I do??”

I torched it. I burned it up.
Just like you should do with your business.”

During this keynote speech, Matt will take the audience through the exact process he followed to “Torch” his $100 million business in 2015 and 2016. He will detail the process of why 99% of the businesses are built wrong and how to fix it with his 4 core value strategy. Matt’s 4 core values are the key foundation for any successful business. He believes that “NO BUSINESS SHOULD BE CREATED WITHOUT THESE 4 CORE VALUES AS ITS BACKBONE.”

Matt will explain what they are, how they can be implemented into any business and what the results will be. He personal journey through this process, is told through his own experiences and pain, however through his example of success, the audience will quickly see that they too can fix their business and reach new heights of success and happiness in life and in business.

See the link to Matt’s “TORCHING MY $100 MILLION BUSINESS” keynote speech at the WIN THE STORM Annual Conference in Miami in March 2017




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