• How did you get started in business?

    I started my primary business, Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. (CFF) in 1995, in a dumpy one bedroom apartment with a phone, a folding table and a yellow pages (remember those?). I was broke but ambitious. The early stages of growth were very difficult, but after 23 years in business, CFF has funded well over $1 billion in trucks, trailers and equipment for tens of thousands of transportation related companies nationwide. We are now one of the leading transportation equipment financing companies in America and a (4) time winner of Inc. Magazines Fastest Growing Companies in America. I’m thankful for my team and the success we have built for ourselves.

  • Are you still involved with CFF?

    100%. Everyday. I serve as the President of CFF, and although I have an executive management team in place, I am at the office everyday and very involved in the growth and future of the company and our subsidiary companies.

  • What is your area of expertise?

    Anything business related. My career has provided me extensive “boots on the ground” experience within all aspects of business such as sales, marketing, management, leadership, accounting and now social media and branding. Although my business is the financing of transportation equipment, I have personally worked with tens of thousands of businesses from all industries. I may not have seen EVERYTHING…but I assure you I have seen MOST OF EVERYTHING, and can help anyone get their business from PAIN to PLEASURE.

  • What topics do you speak on?

    I believe that most business owners live their career in the “pain” side of their business. The pain is caused by four reasons.

    • Lack of pure GRIT.
    • Limited long term vision
    • Poorly thought out mission statement
    • Unclear company culture

    My talks focus on real life stories, lived by me that give everyone in the audience the confidence that they can start from zero, and build a career or business that delivers the results that provide them with the life they have always wanted.

  • What is the biggest regret you have?

    I have only two regrets. One is that I never served my country as a soldier. My second is that I took too long to scale up my business. I was afraid, and I stayed small too long. My life changed when I decided to grow CFF to $100 million per year. The growth of the company changed everything for everyone around me, and it should have happened much earlier.

  • Why did you write your books?

    My first book, THE GRIT was self published in an effort to gain exposure for me and CFF. My second book YOU NEED MORE MONEY tells the story of my brother-in-law John. He died at age 46 and left a wife and 4 children under prepared. It also left his sister, my wife Rokki, devastated. They were crazy about each other. YNMM is published by Penguin Books and it believe it can provide hundreds of thousands of people with the needed wake up call and roadmap to fix their money situations.